Carst & Walker (South Africa) has established itself as a significant agent and distributor of materials as well as offering technical support for these growing sectors, providing:

Adhesion Promoters
MEL – Zirconium salts for waterbased coatings, adhesives and and Zirconium Propionate for solvent based coatings, adhesives and inks.

Virtually all polymeric compounds are susceptible to oxidation, a process where not only the physical appearance of the compound is affected, but also its mechanical properties. Effective prevention of oxidation is especially important to producers of hot melt adhesives and solvent based adhesives, where protection of the polymer in the manufacturing/storage of a compound is equally as important as the processing/end use of it.

Carst & Walker offers a range of Primary (hindered phenol) and Secondary (phosphite) antioxidants, a blend of which provides outstanding processing and in-service stabilization of polymeric compounds. Having broad FDA clearances, our RICHNOX range of antioxidants is ideal for the adhesive formulator.


Troy Chemicals – Biocides and fungicides for in can and post application pretection from bacterial, microbial and fungal attack in water based systems, coatings and inks. EPA approved.


Dapro FX-514 is a new product recently launched by Elementis.  In comparison to most generally used Coalescents one of the key features of the Dapro FX-514 is its very low odour.  For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Carst & Walker branches.


Lanxess – Polyfunctional Aziridenes for crosslinking of water based emulsions and solvent based resin systems, coatings, varnishes and lacquers and inks.

Fire Retardants

Antimony Trioxide, Aluminium Trihydrate, Brominated Fire Retardant compounds and phosphate blends for non toxic FR paper and textile coatings and post manufactured FR treatments.

Lubrizol – Hyperdispersants which have added benefit of reducing viscosity and body in difficult to disperse, highly pigmented systems coatings, dispersions and inks.
Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide is generally included in polychloroprene (Neoprene) adhesives where the metal oxide acts as an effective hydrogen chloride (or chlorine) scavenger. For compounders who still mill their chloroprene rubber during production, addition of MgO is especially important.

Heat reactive alkyl phenolic resins are commonly used in contact adhesives to improve adhesion and influence open times.

Magnesium Oxide reacts with these resins to produce high melting point complexes that are freely soluble in common solvents.

The result is an increase in the heat stability of the bonds produced.

For the solvent based adhesive manufacturer, Carst & Walker offers high purity Magnesium Oxides in three particle sizes – 60 m²/g, 150 m²/g and 185 m²/g. The two finer grades are also available in 1 kg packs; ideal for the smaller user who doesn’t completely consume the 25 Kg pack in a batch.

DSP – Magnesium oxide – Metal oxide for crosslinking Polychloroprene Rubber is solution, contact adhesives.

Matting Agents

OSC – Matting Silicas – precipetated matting silica and fumed matting silica. Also available is a combination of fumed silica with micronised waxes to stop matt coatings polishing up.


Photoinitiators – We stock most of the regularly used PIs for use in UV and EB cured coatings, inks and varnishes at very competitive prices.

Polymerisation Surfactants

Aerosol – We offer a wide range of Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinates for emulsion polimerisation of acrylics, VAM, PU, Styrene and VaVeoVa. Hydrophillic and Hydrophobic surfactants.

Rheological Additives

Elementis Specialties – Rheological additives for water based, solvent based and solventless systems. Prevent settling on storage, increase high shear viscosity, improves sag resistance, good flow and levelling. Improved brushabilityu, sprayability and roller application properties. Clay based thickeners and anti-settling additives. Thixotropic, Rheopectic, Dilatant or Neutonian systems. Elementis has a rheological solution for virtually any system requirements.


Chlorparafin Waxes – Chloronated parafin waxes – 70% chlorine content for use in rubber compounds and for plasticising solvent based marine, construction, road marking coatings.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide is generally included in polychloroprene (Neoprene) adhesives where the metal oxide acts as an effective hydrogen chloride (or chlorine) scavenger. Incorporation of Zinc Oxide ensures stability of the adhesive and increases the durability of the bonds produced. Carst & Walker offers high purity Zinc Oxide French process Zinc oxide made directly from zinc metal suitable for most rubber applications.

Zinc oxide – Metal oxide for crosslinking Polychloroprene Rubber is solution, contact adhesives. Also used in paints and coatings as white pigment replacer.

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