Fillers & Extenders

Fillers & Extenders

Carst & Walker (South Africa) has established itself as a significant agent and distributor of materials as well as offering technical support for these growing sectors, providing:

Blanc Fixe

Solvay de Bario – Barium Sulphate – synthetic precipetated very precisely controlled content and particle size distribution. Ideal for products that need reproducibility in criutical areas such as refractive index, tint strength, particle size, particle size distribution, specific gravity and colour.

Calcined Clays

Imerys – China Clays – originating in Cornwall UK. High quality good colour clean low iron content. Applications are – paints and coatings, jointing compounds, kalking compounds, sealants, rubber compounds, bone china, ceramics and sealants.


Aluminium hydrate – applications include translucent filler for synthetic marble (Onyx) and or fire retardant resin systems and orther FR products. Calcined Alumina for ceramic application improves chip resistance and whiteness.


Imerys – Calcined China Clays – originating in Cornwall UK. High quality good colour clean low iron content.

MC / PE Waxes

Microcrystalline waxes are commonly used in the production hot melt compounds for book binding and packaging adhesive applications. Wax is utilised to reduce costs, adjust open and set times, improve colour, improve water resistance and reduce viscosity.

Carst & Walker offers TIOZONE 2000, a 67 °C congealing point microcrystalline wax with a very light colour and low oil content in a very convenient pellet form. Manufacturers using the product find that handling it is easier and production times are shorter.

Natural Barytes

Minerals Girona – Mined in Spain – high quality natural barytes very close specs to synthetic barium sulphate at much lower price.

Polishing Alumina

Calcined polishing aluminas of various cut and hardnesses. Applications include auto buffing polish with high cut and burnishing compounds. Polishing bars for buffing machines. Polishing of Stainless steel, Brass, zinc, aluminium, marble, polyester resin.


OSC – Precipetated and fumed silicas for filling, also matting and thickening silicas.

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