Natural Products

Natural Products

Carst & Walker (South Africa) has established itself as a significant agent and distributor of materials as well as offering technical support for these growing sectors, providing:


Industrial acid casein (milk protein) is used in many applications such as labelling adhesives, paper coatings and paper lamination. Through HAVERO HOOGWEGT b.v, our partner in The Netherlands, Carst & Walker offers industrial acid casein of high quality. With a state-of the art processing facility and in-house laboratories, casein supplied by HAVERO HOOGWEGT has a proven track record in the production of wet labelling adhesives in South Africa.


Dextrins are obtained by hydrolysis of starch with enzymes (amylases) or acids and often involve heat treatment. Depending on the degree of heat, either white (lower temperatures) or yellow (higher temperatures) dextrins result. The higher boiling dextrins resemble unmodified starch in their behaviour, while the lower boiling dextrins more nearly resemble sugars. Compared with the original starch, and depending on the degree of conversion, dextrins produce less viscous solutions. They are used commercially to produce adhesives for applications like envelope adhesive, gummed tape, glass bottle labelling and core winding. Derived from POTATO starch, Carst & Walker offer a variety of yellow AVEDEX dextrins, through our partner AVEBE b.a in The Netherlands.

Modified Starches

Modified starches are widely used in the adhesive industry. Derived from POTATO starch, Carst & Walker offer a variety of PERFECTAMYL, SOLVITOSE and SOLVICOL modified starch ethers and esters, through our partner AVEBE b.a in The Netherlands. Either cold water soluble or cook-up, they are used to produce adhesives for multi ply paper sacks, bottle labelling, gummed tape, wall paper pastes and general paper to board lamination.

Potato Starches

Unmodified, raw potato starch from AVEBE b.a in The Netherlands. This food grade quality starch allows the adhesive manufacturer to produce stable adhesive pastes for the production of cook up bottomer paste adhesives in paper sack manufacture and corrugated board industries.

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